When it comes to success in business, understanding I means we focus on the Individual first. We inspire Individuals to release their total human potential, and we teach them how to take action with integrity. We believe that the success of any company boils down to a productive I—the Individual.

Organizational charts have many boxes that represent the company’s human infrastructure. Within each box is an I. There the Individual embodies various strengths, talents, and opportunities for growth, opinions, beliefs, and ideas. Our mission is to grow, develop, nurture, inspire, and value the very presence and essence of the I, for the Individuals in the organization are a direct reflection of the company’s image and success.

An Individual’s essence is where you find unlimited potential just waiting to be  tapped and released. The power behind the I Theory of Success is harnessed when the Individual is managed, valued, empowered, and inspired effectively—a contagious energy explodes, creating a compounding force of nature called the We. Here a premier team is born.

At this point a company’s success is limitless because each I is operating at maximum potential. Collectively, they are inspired as they move forward on their journey of continuous professional development, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation while developing competitive advantages

For years I was a turnaround expert leading failing companies from the red to the black. Over the past 26 years as a performance coach, I have supported divisions, regions, teams, and individuals in the same manner. My philosophy remains the same: draw the potential out of each individual, which then creates a high-performing team. Through my simple yet customized approach to coaching, training, and consulting, I make sure that each individual is on a path of continual growth and development, performing at the highest level. After all, people = profit. We do not have to drive burnout or downsize to reach profitability. We simply need to set up each individual to release his or her total human potential to reach and exceed personal goals; in turn, the company’s goals are met, as well.

The I Theory of Success directly ties to my aspiration, my craft, and my passion: to help employers better their management skills to foster a more-spirited and high-performing workplace. Understanding I is critical to the productive workforce—understanding that production and profits are the products of people. And the more you understand the I and the more you acknowledge and place value on the I, the greater your competitive advantage, the easier your road to success, and the more pleasant and rewarding the journey.

I thank you for visiting and look forward to providing you with ongoing performance tips to support your organization’s success. I also look forward to the discovery process of first getting to know you and your needs, then targeting my insightful programs and tools to meet your specific objectives and culture.

Your coach,
Mark David