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This program is designed to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed over the next three years. I’m bringing together a dynamic group of elite leaders across multiple industries to share best practices covering these six topics: Forward Thinking, Leadership, Management, Coaching, Time Management, Self-Coaching, and Collaboration. At the end of the day you will have a minimum of ten best practices for each topic, which provides you with an astounding 60 best practices to support you in your 3 year plan.

I’m bringing to this workshop a time tested principle I have used exclusively with my clients. To read more about this principle and program please read further.

I want this training event to be something you can do without losing a large amount of time and investment, therefore, I built out the schedule to maximize the results yet minimize your time out of the office. Please see the suggested itinerary below:

September 18, 2017
San Francisco, CA
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Early Bird $995 Expires July 14th
Regular $1195 Expires Aug 18th
Last Chance $1399 Expires Sept 8th

To register, call 650-341-6504 or email mark@markdavid.commark@markdavid.com

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Mark David is a nationally recognized sales and management consultant, author and executive coach. Many clients consider him an organizational therapist. Join us in this small group learning environment and receive Mark’s undivided attention and guidance. Mark will share his proven, leading-edge strategies to outperform your competition by working less and achieving more.! From thought provoking presentations and class activities you will experience engaging lessons, conversations and light-bulb moments from Mark’s vast experience as well as interactions with other highly successful professionals.

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