April 9, 2022

By Mark David

When these three words come to mind – Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom, they resonate as being the core profile features of all the individuals I coach. As a coach, everyone I work with is a composite of these impactful words. 

What I find so interesting is most people don’t think they have enough of all three or they need more of one of two of them. My message today is that you DO have enough knowledge, experience, and wisdom today to be incredibly successful. Today understand that you are in a constant state of growth in all three of these areas of your life. Therefore, as of today, give yourself a break. Stop living in the future of want. Come back to the now and be in the constant state of gratitude. For today you are living your life with knowing that today will never get better. Yes, you have arrived by letting go of all counter intentions, you allow yourself to be 100% happy being in the NOW. 

By giving up trying to control the external world, understanding that you are already controlling it. By taking ownership of creating your internal movie in the present moment of now. This ownership mindset of 100% accountability will give you the freedom to deserve. The freedom to increase your knowledge, experience, and wisdom at an accelerated pace. As I wrote to you within our 2021 holiday card..

Let Go and Believe! Remember life is an inside outside game.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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