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The Self-Manager Success Journal: A Journey to Creating Your World is a comprehensive self-development tool for the entire year, Mark David captures 52 principles of top performers and brilliantly presents them in this simple self-development tool designed for the busy professional. Each chapter is two pages: One page is an illustration for visual learners and a brief definition of the principle. The second page provides an easy action assignment to implement this new behavior, and at the bottom is an area to journal and ground your learning. It is a fast read, easy to implement, and designed for quick behavioral change. It is brilliant in its simplicity. In addition, managers can use these 52 principles as the centerpiece for discussion during training and team meetings! Imagine by year end you will have taught your team 52 characteristics of thinking and acting as a high performer! Your team will thank you for helping them become even more successful. This tool is also an excellent resource for mentoring relationships.

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