Client Physical
Trend analysis




Whether you win or lose a sale, it’s time for a Client Physical. World-class sales professionals are not afraid to ask, “How can I improve?” They ask, they listen, and they sharpen their skills. Your prospects and clients hold the answers to how you and your product and service can become more competitive and successful. The Client Physical makes it easy to uncover this critical information and earn referrals. Show your professionalism and integrity by asking a few questions at the end of each sales opportunity. By doing so you will strengthen the relationship and earn referrals. The simple sales tool comes with a questionnaire to use when you win a sale, a questionnaire to use if you lose a sale, and a Trend Analyzer to easily chart the data you receive in order to make the needed behavioral adjustments that lead to greater success. You earn respect throughout the process by executing impeccable professionalism. The end result is you build a strong foundation to generate referral business. Purchase this tool once and use it year after year.