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Lots of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.— William Feather

The Circle of Success for 2024 and beyond!

Jan. 25, 2024

By Mark David

This January blog gives you a very simple approach to follow to stay consistently on track. When you break down the actions of the individuals, teams, organizations, or companies they all have prioritized their lives with these attributes.



DEC. 29, 2023

By Mark David

In the tapestry of time, December unfolds as a dual-sided door: one facet reflecting the challenges and triumphs of 2023, while the other beckons the uncharted possibilities and promises of 2024. As you stand on the brink, departing from 2023 and entering the realm of 2024, always keep in mind the empowering principle: whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can undoubtedly achieve. Grasp the transformative journey ahead with unwavering confidence in your movie and potential. Enter 2024 with crystal clarity about your aspirations—whether they be visionary ambitions, goals, desires, dreams, OKRs, or the intentional seeds you’ve sown into the universe. Let your confidence radiate through a genuine smile, knowing that you’re stepping into a new chapter fully equipped with purpose and determination.


Happy Holidays 

Nov. 22, 2023

By Mark David

The holidays will be upon us throughout the November, December, and January months. It is amazing how busy we all are today and many of us are finding the weeks to be flying by! Here is a suggestion that I recommend to you, as it will enhance your connection with your loved ones, however you define them, and help you appreciate and strengthen those relationships even more. 



Oct. 26, 2023

By Mark David

Burnout of your best people is a widespread reality in corporate America today. The reason is
simple – Your top performers (Your Top 20% who gets 80% of the work done) are always selected to pick up the heavy load.



Sept. 14, 2023

By Mark David

Today’s work ethic translates into a much broader definition than how many hours you are working. Today the proper work ethicsconsists of the following:


Faith vs. Fear 

Aug. 24, 2023

By Mark David

How do these dynamics unfold in today’s Corporate America? 

Today I’m writing about a topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind. Leaders today refuse to accept that they are out of touch with their front-line worker. My definition of the front-line work force is the people that get the work done that keeps the lights on and makes the profit for a company to succeed. My definition of today’s leaders are individuals making decisions in a vacuum to accomplish what they want, without first checking in with how it will affect their front-line workers. This last part is amazing to me. Instead of taking a moment to confirm how their decisions will have the proper alignment in the company, they would rather make the decision to do what they want and have the backlash of negativity. This backlash is most construed as the message of: “If you don’t like it, leave.”  This is where the fear is coming from. They think the front-line worker is so scared that they will just put their head down and take it. And of course, they’re right. The reality is this is Corporate America across the board; the fear is palpable. Here’s an idea: take the negative energy of fear and shift it into an energy of faith fueled by passion and commitment. Challenge yourself to become an incredibly valuable person and transform yourself by having the faith in yourself to truly become a subject matter expert that commands trust and respect with great earning potential. Immediately stop that fear, and put all that wasted energy into transforming yourself into your true potential. Here are a few steps to take to become filled with faith and gratitude for yourself: 



July 27, 2023

By Mark David

As you read the title of this blog, kindly take note that by “stop working,” I refer to abstaining from investing excessive effort in endeavors that hold minimal significance in the grand tapestry of life. Moreover, I want to emphasize that your unwavering dedication and long hours of hard work are what keep the lights on for the company. For this month, I propose a novel approach: channel your efforts towards crafting solutions that can yield a substantial positive impact. Carve out dedicated time for strategic thinking by refraining from low-productivity activities. Shift into a creative mode, and the benefits of adopting this approach are numerous; here are just a few:



June 29, 2023

By Mark David

When you first read the title of this blog, for most of us, it may invoke an automatic reaction of “That’s nuts of me, how selfish!” 

It’s no secret that most good hard-working people put themselves last. They put their families, pets, work, friends, associations, and community first. By the time they crawl into bed at night, they’re exhausted. Before they know it, the next day bell rings and the merry-go-round starts all over again. This pattern happens every day including weekends. Everyone and everything are always pushed to the front of the line.  


The future belongs to those who learn new thing the fastest— Paul Zane Pilzer


May 25, 2023

By Mark David

Zero Based Thinking (ZBT) is a fantastic leadership technique to support the company, organization, team, or individual success. What is ZBT? The leader looks back historically at a point in time that you went from zero, (you have nothing), to one, (you have something). Here is a very simple and effective way to use it. Let’s say you hire an individual 4 months ago. You look back 4 months and one day ago. You baseline how your team is doing. Now you’re at zero. Going forward, you hired person X to deliver specific behaviors to bring forward specific results.



April 13, 2023

By Mark David

Why are individuals leaving your firm today?  

Here are 3 main reasons in order of importance: 

  1. Their immediate manager 
  2. The company’s culture 
  3. The lack of investing in their growth and development

Examples of Negative and Positive Leadership CharacteristicsBadge Unfollow with solid fillBadge Follow with solid fill

March 23, 2023

By Mark David

Here are 15 leadership characteristics that are negative and positive in nature. When I’m referring to negative and positive characteristics think of them this way; The negative weakens your team’s energy levels. The positive strengthens your team’s energy levels. As an inspirational leader, you want to continually increase everyone’s energy. It creates outstanding results.Use this list to compare how you relate to them. The positive side needs constant focus and attention. You never get to do any of them perfectly. That’s why you’re always working to strengthen them. The negative side needs to be eliminated, shored up or fixed. 



Feb 16, 2023

By Mark David

I get asked in January of every year, “Can you give me a quick way to be successful?” Here is a three-step system that can carry you over the finish line:



Jan 26, 2023

By Mark David

As a coach, I get asked many times “How can you be continuously happy – especially in these times filled with stress and anxiety?” The answer is easy to describe ~ the doing is where it gets tough. 


Will Fight to Go After It!

Dec 29, 2022

By Mark David

The fourth capability of my Top 20% of clients is the relentless pursuit to go after what they want. They roll up their sleeves and are ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done!


Top 4 Capabilities – Part 3 – Dynamic Force

Nov 18, 2022

By Mark David

My third selection of trending capabilities, that makes up my top 20% clients, is being a dynamic force. The definition of being a dynamic person is they have a positive attitude, along with being full of energy and new ideas. They are not afraid to be forceful to create the proper change that is needed today. They act instead of hesitating.


Top 4 Capabilities – Part 2 – Stamina

Oct 13, 2022

By Mark David

Stamina is my number two of the four trending capabilities that make up my Top
20% of clients. The stamina that they all possess is presented in four forms:

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

Stamina, by definition, is the ability to sustain prolonged effort on focused areas of your life.


Top 4 Capabilities – Part 1 – Determined

Sept 18, 2022

By Mark David

One of the best parts of my work is reviewing the trending data. Looking at data and comprehending the
truth. I do this by viewing all data clinically, objectively and keep in outside of myself. Therefore, I’m not
aligning it with my perception of how the world should be (Ego).

I have discerned that there are 4 trending capabilities with my wildly successful (personally +
professionally) clients. These 4 capabilities keep rising to the forefront of how they are leading,
managing, coaching, and mentoring their organizations/teams. Today, I will share with you my #1 pick.


Relationships Count!

Aug 11, 2022

By Mark David

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you a paragraph from a book I have been reading and studying. As many of you know, the sport I play and love is racquetball. The book’s title is ‘Winning Racquetball: Skills, Drills & Strategies”. It has helped me advance my skills on the court and the advice shared has been transferable to off the court as well.  



July 12, 2022

By Mark David

Congratulations – you and your family are going on a well-deserved vacation. Over the years I have gotten great feedback from my students that have used these practical suggestions I have recommended. These are great tips whether taking a 3 day or one month sabbatical.



June 16, 2022

By Mark David

As we move into the month of June, of the calendar year of 2022, lets confirm that key adjustments to
your behavior is being made to you’re thinking, acting and becoming.



April 9, 2022

By Mark David

When these three words come to mind – Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom, they resonate as being the core profile features of all the individuals I coach. As a coach, everyone I work with is a composite of these impactful words. 



March 31, 2022

By Mark David

Many of today’s realities seems to make no sense at all. I would like to focus on the invisible leaders as they populate most companies. Let me give you a perfect example: Most yearly companywide engagement scores report back to their leadership team that upper management is disconnected from the front lines they lead. And yet nothing to very little is done about it. The bottom line to improve the total company morale is simple, show people you care about them – That’s it. Demonstrate you have their best interests in mind when making all decisions. Todays’ leaders know they are in a talent war. There are not enough highly qualified people to fill everyone’s vacancies. To build a highly productive team, organization, and company its mandatory that you keep your best people and attract your industries top professionals. Money alone won’t do the job of filling your new hire demands. History has taught us, if a person is coming just for the money they will be gone soon to the next highest bidder. 



February 24, 2022

By Mark David

I recently went to my 9-year-old grandson, Jonathan’s, baseball tryout. The tryouts were for a competitive baseball team held indoors at a facility. As I waited with my son-n-law and the other parents I found the following on the bulletin board for all to read. It was titled “Unproductive Behaviors”. It describes how to play the game of baseball correctly. But as I read it, everything they referred to related to what we do as adults in our corporate life’s. Enjoy it, Learn from it, use its teaching to improve your daily success.


The more you are YOU, the more you will DO

January 13, 2022

By Mark David

Happy new year to you, your families and all the employees at your company. As you embark down the road of 2022, make this a great year of being successful. The easiest way I know how is by focusing on this reality of, The more you are You, the more you will Do



December 23, 2021

By Mark David

December is the last month of the year. It’s a great time to get ready for the new adventure that is Infront of you. I wanted to give you a poem by Robert Lewis Stevenson. He is famous for his books called Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His books immediately pull you into their stories, as if you were a witness to the book’s description of reality.


Take a Deep Breath…. Relax

November 18, 2021

By Mark David

It’s truly amazing that the holiday season is upon us. Once again, we all will be moving so fast that the next time you lift up your head it will be the middle of March 2022. The holiday season add another lane of oncoming traffic merging into your already 100 mile per hour day. Knowing all of this to be our collective realities take my advice. Find a few moments every day and take a deep breath and Relax.


Optimism & Opportunity

October 21, 2021

By Mark David

In today’s challenging times, one must use the words optimism and opportunity as guideposts to be successful. Let us examine both words.


Trust and Strategy

August 5, 2021

By Mark David

I’ve been studying sales for over half a century. Today’s successful sales leaders have two ​stand-out capabilities that support their success.



July 8, 2021

By Mark David

It’s Summer! Time to use some of those vacation days you’ve earned to unplug, relax, recharge and spend some well-deserved time off with your family. Or not. 😉 



June 3, 2021

By Mark David

I get asked many good questions in my coaching practice and a question I receive from time to time is, “What is the quickest shortcut you know to becoming successful?”



May 6, 2021

By Mark David

Time management has never been more important, as we go back to our post-COVID days. Many individuals are out of time management balance.



April 1, 2021

By Mark David

Remember the famous 9-word speech given by Sir Winston Churchill at a university commencement. After taking off his top hat and putting down his cigar, Churchill looked at the eager eyes riveted on him. He began, “Never give up.” Then he paused. After a spell he repeated, “NEVER give up.” This was followed by another long pause. The final three words of his speech sent chills up and down the spines of the graduating students. “NEVER… GIVE… UP!” Churchill commanded. 



March. 4, 2021

By Mark David

The People Power principle is defined as … Two or more people who have the same common goal will come up with the idea, recommendations and solutions that neither party would have come up with as individuals.



Feb. 4, 2021

By Mark David

Let’s talk about foreign languages. When I ask if you speak a foreign language, most people would think of speaking the language of another country, such as Italian, Russian, German, etc. But that’s not what I’m talking about.



Jan. 7, 2021

By Mark David

Patience will allow you to slow down to get ahead. Patience and correct timing to be patient is key to a successful life.

Here are a few specific areas to implement your patience…



Dec. 3, 2020

By Mark David

Imagination is something that you must develop, it just doesn’t happen for most people. It’s a skill that people I work with are consciously strengthening their capability to perform. 



Nov. 5, 2020

By Mark David

Self-coaching is an easy principle to execute on a daily basis – the key is to concentrate on creating positive energy within yourself.  Creating positive energy is a matter of being in alignment with your goals, feelings, thoughts, and actions.


1-4-5 RULE

Oct. 15, 2020

By Mark David

Many people get stuck in the weeds each day. “In The Weeds” is where all the noise is. It is layer upon layer of data that in many cases is OLD and not relevant to today’s challenges. Today’s world is moving at an incredible speed – faster and faster it goes. It’s hard to believe summer is over and we are heading into fall.


Planning = Success

Sept. 10, 2020

By Mark David

When you think of living a successful life, one consistent factor that proactive individuals do is to plan to be successful.


Leadership is Key

August 6, 2020

By Mark David

In order to become a great leader, you must first understand the characteristics and traits that make a great leader.


Mark David on the IRIS Podcast

July 30, 2020

I’m so happy to share that I collaborated with a longtime client and friend, Doug Heikkinen to create a podcast based on my most recent book, The Gifted Leader. Our conversation was focused on raising awareness around the need to energize the culture of your organization, team and even your family, especially during these current challenging times. 


Manufacture High Energy

July 9, 2020

By Mark David

I believe that all successful people have a foundation of success that’s built on knowing that their #1 daily goal is to create, within themselves, the perfect level of positive energy each minute of every day.


Recognize | Understand | Navigate

June 4, 2020

By Mark David

Recognize where you are in relation to your goals and potential.



May 7, 2020

By Mark David

What does it mean to leverage your strengths? In the simplest terms, it means using more of what you are good at to get more of what you want.


Make Adjustments

April 2, 2020

By Mark David

Every day we have the opportunity to accept the challenges the world gives us. It’s important to stay focused on both the macro and micro at the same time. We can’t let the noise of the day overtake us – we must welcome all of it and have the courage to see the truth it brings to us. 


Promote Effective Time Management & Strategic Thinking

March. 5, 2020

By Mark David

We all have the same amount of time each day. Twenty-four fantastic hours. The difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders is what do you do and achieve in each hour. Therefore, it comes down to the decision you make that becomes your actions. Teach your people to make the correct decisions and they will trigger the right behavior that will get them the results they desire.



Feb. 6, 2020

By Mark David

‘E’ stands for an event that is happening in your life – either positive or negative.  Your job is to have emotional immunity and stay open to learning from the event. As the event is unfolding, ask yourself what is the lesson here. Once you establish the lesson and how it applies to your life, use the next part of the formula



Jan. 2, 2020

By Mark David

Most 12-Step programs usually start off their meetings with the ‘Serenity Prayer’ which is about accepting the things you cannot change. Therefore, one must comprehend the truth of their reality. Based on truth, we can make the correct decisions.


The Holidays IGNITE New Energy!

Dec. 5, 2019

By Mark David

This time of year rings in excitement, energy and magic. Whether it’s the nature of the season which generates more smiles and goodwill, spending more time with family and friends or simply watching children react to the magic and possibilities of the season, this time of year creates a wave of energy that takes flight. 


Attack – Attack – Attack

Nov. 7, 2019

By Mark David

In today’s world, where most individuals are rightfully cautious, there are times that we all should be more proactively, aggressive. When life defines these specific times, we should go in a 100% maximum action state.


No One Is Coming

Oct 11, 2019

By Mark David

No one is coming…” is one of my all-time favorite quotes. I’ve been saying these words to myself and my clients for the past four decades and I’ve taught it to all my students. Most individuals would agree that it makes a lot of sense. 


Words are cheap. Actions tell the truth. 

September 5, 2019

By Mark David

Alignment between your words and actions is powerful. Your actions back up whether your words are true or false.

You earn people’s respect not by what you say, but by your actions. Which is why, if you’re in any sort of supervisory, management or leadership role, your people are counting on you acting in accordance with what you say.


June 27, 2019

By Mark David

Having spent the better part of my career working to help companies achieve their best results, I have learned quite a lot about what works and what doesn’t in terms of company culture.

I’d like to share with you what I believe are ten key components for creating and keeping a positive culture; where the flames of success are fanned to burn bright.


Slowing Down to Get Ahead

June 6, 2019

By Mark David

What does “Slowing Down to Get Ahead” really mean?

I believe it’s the realization that we’re all better off doing the majority of our work, averaging 60-80% of max speed vs. running at max speed all the time.


PONO is the Hawaiian word balance of all thing

April 25, 2019

By Mark David

Upon closer examination, PONO is really the acceptance that life is out of balance most of the time.

Top 1% performers accept this concept but many individuals resist this reality. PONO is about reducing and eliminating expectations. In its place, Top 1% performers substitute expectations with preferences. I would prefer this to happen vs. I must have this happen. You do this by giving yourself multiple options vs. a single absolute.



Febuary 22, 2019

By Mark David

Most individuals I work with are striving to live a life of contentment. Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life (personal, professional, social, financial, health, etc.). I have found that the key to reaching true contentment is….intention. Intention is a fantastic tool that allows you to be present and centered in the present moment of NOW, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Let’s break down



5 Key Behaviors to Produce at the Highest Level

January 25, 2019

By Mark David

#1 Commitment

They promised themselves they would do whatever is needed to get the job done. Work and life becomes easier to navigate when you’re supporting yourself vs. fighting yourself. (more…)

“I just don’t have the time!”

October 18, 2018

By Mark David

How many times a week do you hear or say that phrase?  In the work that I do, I hear this comment many times throughout the course of my day. We are so busy reacting to life, that the average individual in Corporate America doesn’t realize they have become addicted to that story. Many people have given up trying to be proactive and instead just react. (more…)

What Will Your Leadership Message Be?

September 27, 2018

By Mark David

A client of mine, who happens to be an excellent divisional leader, recently inherited a new region. He didn’t have a lot of time to get them up to speed, as he’d done in the past with the other regions in his division, and in an effort to get everyone on the same page, he created a five point leadership message that he emailed out prior to his meetings in his new region. (more…)


July 19, 2018

By Mark David

Can you believe it’s already July!? It seems impossible that half of the year has already flown by. Many individuals turn the page into the New Year without a plan to make the most of each day, week and month. The fact is, there are only six months left in this year to create your best and most lucrative relationships. Below I’ve outlined eight steps that will help you improve your relationships and maximize your results by being a Top 1% Relationship Manager (builder of strong, long term partnerships). (more…)

Worry vs. Confidence

June 21, 2018

By Mark David

Imagine that you’re looking at a coin…one side is worry and the other side is confidence. Why is worrying so addictive to us humans? Everyone does it. Worrying is one of the most powerful forms of visualization. This is our reality because you’re using your five sense while worrying. Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. (more…)

Professionalism: Where Has It Gone?

May 17, 2018

By Mark David

So many of my clients have been asking me a great and very relevant question, what can I recommend they do, to give them and their organization, a competitive edge? In other words, a way to elevate them in the eyes of others. I like to keep things simple. So here’s my simple, easy, 100% guarantee input that will immediately give you the upper hand… (more…)

Don’t leave your future open to chance!

April 18, 2018

By Mark David

Over the past year, I’ve been asked to help many individuals find their new job/career opportunity. Unfortunately, they have had to make this a reactive vs. proactive activity. Below are a few thoughts I’d like to share with you to support your career. Many of you are in the age range from 40-55, which are your peak earning years. You might think that a fifteen year span is a long period of time to get your career/finances in order, but it’s merely a blip on the radar screen of your life. (more…)

Self-Image – Self Esteem – Self Confidence

March 8, 2018

By Mark David

Self-Image is the internal picture you hold of yourself. You can’t out-perform your self-image as it creates the boundaries for you in your life. In other words, how far do YOU think you can go? Self-Esteem is how you feel about yourself. It defines what you think you’re capable of doing and what you think you deserve to achieve. The words feel and deserve are the key words here. (more…)

Know Your Competition

February 8, 2018

By Mark David

A true key to success is knowing what features set you apart from your competitors. – Anita Roddick

Great branding is partially about distinguishing your company as an innovator, not an imitator. The idea is to differentiate yourself from your competitors in your customer’s mind and heart. (more…)

Cultivate a Farm Team

January 25, 2018

By Mark David

Always have your back-up players waiting in the wings. – Mark David

Some of your team members, including high performers, are not going to stay with you forever. For this reason, I recommend that you set aside four hours each month to cultivate a prospective farm team. You can use this team to replace players who are promoted or leave your company. You can’t afford to wait until a vacancy occurs to start this process. (more…)

Be Decisive

January 11, 2018

By Mark David

Leaders act decisively in the absence of certainty. – Bertrand Russell

Should you or shouldn’t you? Yes or no? Now or later? Bureaucrats somehow find a way to avoid making decisions so they can escape all responsibility. But good leaders and coaches know that making decisions is essential to leadership. After all, your company or team can’t make progress unless you’re willing to make decisions. In a perfect world, you would have all the time you need to make a decision. In reality, many decisions must be made quickly (more…)

Become a Reflective Thinker

December 28, 2017

By Mark David

Few people think more than two or three times a year. I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week. – Charles Bernard Shaw

A good friend of mine likes to say that there are three types of people: Those who think, but don’t act, those who act, but don’t think and a very small percentage who think both before and after they act. I urge you to join the ranks of the latter. These are the “reflective thinkers” among us, and they usually make great coaches, managers and leaders. (more…)

Patience (and Persistence) Pay Off

December 14, 2017

By Mark David

Most people give up one foot from the goal line. – Ross Perot

Leaders do not give up easily on their people, or pull the plug too quickly on possibilities. Their faith and persistence overcome their doubts or discouragement. By remaining patient and refusing to acknowledge failure, they are usually able to find successful courses of action and move forward to the completion of their goals. (more…)

Practice Winning

November 30, 2017

By Mark David

Repetition makes the magic rise. – Mark David

Leaders make a conscious effort to develop winning habit patterns for themselves and their team. A “habit” is something that you or your team does in a regular and repeated (virtually automatic) way. In other words, winning can become a habit; unfortunately, so can losing. (more…)

Character vs. Popularity

November 16, 2017

By Mark David

Good leadership involves responsibility to your entire team. This means some people will get angry at certain decisions. It’s inevitable – if you’re honorable. – Colin Powell

If your number one goal is to ensure that everyone likes and approves of you, you will inevitably compromise your integrity and, therefore, your credibility as a leader. (more…)

Devote Time to Your High Performers

November 2, 2017

By Mark David

When people act heroically, treat them as heroes. ~ Jeff Goforth

Tough time constraints on today’s managers make it virtually impossible to devote an equal amount of time to every team member. In an effort to increase overall performance, most managers tend to devote more time to improving their underachievers—but I always advise spending more time leveraging your high-performers. Here’s why: (more…)

Working Together Works

October 19, 2017

By Mark David

Ask your team. They know the answers ~ Chuck Carlson

Many leaders mistakenly believe that everyone expects them to have all the answers—but that’s not logical. You may know a lot, but you can’t know everything. The days of the Lone Ranger are over. In today’s complex business environment, you need the ideas, zest, energy, enthusiasm and collaboration of every member of your team. And they need yours. (more…)

Teach Your Team to Fish

October 5, 2017

By Mark David

We can do more than lead, we can teach. ~ John Meyers

Virtually all great coaches see themselves as teachers. Teaching is not just a skill, it’s an honor. It’s the art of imparting your knowledge and experience to someone else— and isn’t that the heart of good leadership? Instead of just telling people what to do, a good coach takes the time to patiently show them how to do it. (more…)

Align Company Vision with Employee Dreams

September 21, 2017

By Mark David

People shouldn’t have to choose between a successful career and a happy home life. ~ Harry Gray

Most of us love to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s one of the reasons people go to work for a company. If you work at Microsoft, for example, you feel motivated by knowing that the mundane tasks in your morning in-box contribute directly to worldwide advancements in information technology. If you work for Acme Plumbing you are energized by being part of one of the top repair outfits in your community. (more…)

The Magic of “One-on-One” Leadership

September 7, 2017

By Mark David

You can’t lead a team of people by sitting behind a desk, writing memos. ~ Mark David

I call it “One-on-One Leadership,” but it goes by many names. I’ve heard it called “Management by Walking Around.” Or, alternately, “Face-to- Face” Management. Or sometimes even EB2, which actually stands for “Eyeball-to-Eyeball” Management. Whatever you want to call it, you need some in your coaching philosophy—and here’s why: (more…)

Treat all Setbacks as Temporary

August 24, 2017

By Mark David

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.” ~ William Ellery Channing

Ultimately, your success as a leader will be largely determined by how well you maintain your balance in the face of short-term difficulties and disappointments. Leaders do not give up easily or remain discouraged. Their long- range goals help insulate them from the frustration and disappointment of short-term setbacks. Tenacity and resilience are high values with the best leaders. They may give out, now and then, but they never give up. (more…)

Question Tradition

August 10, 2017

By Mark David

“Sacred cows make great steaks. ~ Unknown

One of the biggest threats to fresh ideas and innovation is the phrase, “We’ve always done it this way.” Did you know that people wore shoes for hundreds of years before someone finally took a fresh look and invented left shoes and right shoes? (more…)

Tune In

July 27, 2017

By Mark David

“Learn to listen to what people don’t say.” ~ Germain Glidden

Winning coaches have developed long antennae. They try to stay tuned to the sometimes subtle signals that are coming from each member of their team. All verbal, non-verbal, and written communication—even omissions and silence—can cue a leader to potential issues that may need personal attention. (more…)

An SOS for Stress

July 13, 2017

By Mark David

“Don’t lose your head, it’s the best part of your body.” ~ Jimmy Snyder

It happens to the best of us. Tom Hanks used to throw up before performing. Cher had to be physically pushed out on the stage for her first concerts. Warren Buffet was too nervous to stand up and speak at his first stockholders’ meetings. (more…)

Actions Versus Words

June 22, 2017

By Mark David

“What you do speaks so loudly that I can no longer hear what you say.” ~ Proverb

Here’s a useful little rule of thumb: To determine reality, simply compare a person’s words (what they “say” they do) with their actions (what they “actually” do). To be an effective coach, you must constantly uncover and deal with reality—but words alone can be deceiving. That’s why you must compare your team members’ actions to their words. (more…)

Focus on Your Top 20% Responsibilities First

June 8, 2017

By Mark David

“It’s important to do things right, but it’s even more important to do the right things.” — Peter Drucker

Time is one of the leader’s most precious resources, but distractions and activity traps are all around us. In today’s fast-paced world, we must continuously come back to the basic leadership question: Am I allocating enough time to the right things—my Top 20% responsibilities—today and every day? They include:
  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Sustaining a Proactive Culture
  3. Communication
  4. Growing and Developing Team Members
  5. Prospecting for Future Opportunities and Employees

Build “Partnerships” with Your Team

May 25, 2017

By Mark David

Part-ner-ship: noun. A strong relationship between two or more people, usually involving close cooperation, mutual expectations, and shared responsibilities.

Successful coaches focus on building solid, steady, long-term relationships with their team members. These relationships resemble partnerships because they ideally involve 1) close cooperation, 2) mutual expectations, and 3) shared responsibilities. (more…)

Be Proactive

May 11, 2017

By Mark David

“Planning is bringing the future into the present, so you can do something about it now.” ~ Alan Lakein

Make proactive thinking a natural and consistent part of your makeup as a leader. With proactive thinking you don’t have to settle for life the way it comes to you; you can design your life to come to you the way you want it. (more…)


Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

February 9, 2017

By Mark David

A heartfelt thank you to our clients and friends for sharing the journey with us.

“Give the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you.” That beautiful quote from Madeline Bridges captures the original spirit and intent that launched the Mark David Corporation thirty years ago this month. And believe me, those words are just as relevant today as they were in the very beginning. (more…)

I will either find a way or make one - problem solving concept on a vintage slate blackboard

Confront Problems Head On

December 15, 2016

By Mark David

Good leaders have the attitude, “I will never dodge or avoid a problem.” They embrace the idea that a big part of leadership is anticipating, confronting and proactively solving problems with their people. In fact, if your team ever stops bringing difficult problems to you, it’s a good sign they have either lost confidence that you can help, or concluded you no longer care. (more…)

The word "TRUST" written in vintage wooden letterpress type

Truth and Trust Go Hand in Hand

December 1, 2016

By Mark David

Here are four mental reminders that will contribute to your success as a leader and coach:

  • To be a great coach, you must have the trust of your team.
  • Trust cannot be demanded, it can only be earned.
  • Trust is not earned overnight, it is earned over time.
  • Truth and trust go hand-in-hand. (more…)

Bravo Concept

Praise Progress

November 21, 2016

By Mark David

Sincere praise is a powerful (but often overlooked) coaching and leadership tool. It’s powerful because it is not only needed but also appreciated by every person at every level throughout the entire organization. Simply put, everyone appreciates being appreciated. Here are a few insights about praise and recognition that are sometimes overlooked: (more…)

What is next question in vintage letterpress wood type stained by color inks

Think Big

November 10, 2016

By Mark David

Nothing energizes a team or organization faster or better than a big idea. If your company or department lacks enthusiasm—if your team members are bored—it’s time for a bold move.

The phrase Own It in magazine letters on a cork notice board

HA! (Hold Accountable)

October 27, 2016

By Mark David

Some favorite expressions of small children: “It’s not my fault. I couldn’t help it. They made me do it. I didn’t mean to. I forgot.”

Some favorite expressions of small adults: “It’s not my job. No one told me. I can’t do everything. Don’t blame me. It couldn’t be helped.”

HA! is one of my favorite little acronyms. (more…)

Studio shot of child holding a sign with Portuguese word Por Que - Why

Focus on the “Why”

October 13, 2016

By Mark David

Most people manage the “what” and the “how,” but the best leaders manage the “why.” By helping their people understand and embrace the “why,” leaders are better able to inspire enthusiasm, trust and loyalty. Here’s how it works: (more…)


High Expectations are Everything

September 29 2016

By Mark David

There’s a big difference between wanting, believing, hoping and expecting. As a coach, you may “want” something to happen. You may “believe” it can happen. You may “hope” it will happen. But if you and your team don’t fully “expect” it to happen, it probably won’t. (more…)

Rumors placard with bokeh background

Communicate Openly

September 15 2016

By Mark David

Years ago the IBM Company asked 500 executives from several different industries to write down their personal definition of “communication.” The definitions were different in several ways, but they were similar in one: Most people agreed that communication had something to do with being “two-way.” (more…)

Fearless written on desert road

Drive Out Fear

September 1 2016

By Mark David

What is the role of the leader?

Is the leader supposed to strike fear into the hearts of his or her followers? Is the leader supposed to make sure that everyone is toeing the company line or conforming to the code of conduct? The truth is, tyrants make terrible leaders; and fear is a very ineffective long-term motivator. (more…)

Develop a Shared Vision

Develop a Shared Vision With Your Team

August 18, 2016

by Mark David

Your willingness to create a Vision for your team is a statement of your belief in their potential. It also infuses your workplace with purpose, meaning, cohesion and spirit.

Winning coaches start each “season” with a Vision in mind. Think of a Vision as a mental snapshot of the future—a preferred reality or an exciting “stretch goal” that your team can get excited about. (more…)

Put Your Values INto ACtion Image

Put Your Values Into Action

February 2, 2016

by Mark David

Good companies list their Core Values, while great companies live them.

Lots of companies these days post their Core Values on a poster or plaque in their entryway. Since I’m on the road a lot, I get to see quite a few of these lists, and I am always impressed by the care and thought that obviously went into them. (more…)

Vision MIssion Values IMage

Knowing the Difference Between a Company’s Vision, Mission and Values

January 5, 2016

by Mark David

Here’s the “what, why and how” of great company culture.

The guiding stars for any great enterprise are its Vision, Mission and Core Values. Here’s how I distinguish between them: (more…)

True North

Follow Your “True North”

November 19, 2015

by Mark David

Make Your Vision, Mission and Values Your Guiding Stars

Our time on earth is limited. We can choose to do anything, but none of us gets to do everything. That’s why I encourage my clients to be very clear and specific about their values and priorities. The clearer you are about what really matters to you, the easier it becomes for you to focus your precious time on what’s most important in every day, week, month or year. (more…)

Winds of Change  

Managing the Winds of Change.

October 27, 2015

by Mark David

Lesson learned from a child’s science project.

An article in the Huffington Post lists 25 time-honored 4th Grade science projects that are still popular with today’s students. Looking back, you probably remember the top three from your own grade school days:  (more…)

  Keyboard with key for good choice  

When You’re Calling the Shots.

August 24, 2015

by Mark David

How leaders make stress-free decisions.

Somewhere along the line, someone probably advised you never to make snap decisions. When faced with a difficult choice, we are cautioned to “give it some thought,” or to “mull it over,” or to “sleep on it.”

That may be good advice, but it’s not very practical. In a perfect world, you would have all the time you need to make every decision. In today’s world, however, many decisions must be made quickly, based only on the best information currently available. (more…)

We CARE graphic 2

Caring is a Huge Competitive Advantage

July 8, 2015

by Mark David

When you care, people notice. If I had to pick one essential characteristic that consistently distinguishes great leaders, managers and companies from the rest of the pack, it would be this: It all boils down to those who really care, and those who really don’t. (more…)

Don't Worry sign with clouds and sky background

Good Reasons to Stop Worrying

June 16, 2015

by Mark David

I am an old man and have known many troubles, most of which never happened. — Mark Twain

Over the years I have coached many good friends and clients to make one simple change that immediately improved the quality of their lives and their work—and you can make the same change right here and now: (more…)

Start With the Vision

March 5, 2015

by Mark David

I’ve noticed lately that a few business writers have implied that “Visioning” might be a waste of time. One went so far as to compare a Corporate Vision Statement to a “cute slogan—like a bumper sticker.” (more…)

man with the blindfold walking

How to Beat the Jitters (S.O.S.)

March 5, 2015

by Mark David

Tom Hanks used to throw up before performing a scene. Cher had to be physically pushed out on the stage to perform her first concerts. Young Warren Buffet was too shy and nervous to stand up and speak at his first stockholder meetings. (more…)

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