Top 4 Capabilities – Part 3 – Dynamic Force

Nov 18, 2022

By Mark David

My third selection of trending capabilities, that makes up my top 20% clients, is being a dynamic force. The definition of being a dynamic person is they have a positive attitude, along with being full of energy and new ideas. They are not afraid to be forceful to create the proper change that is needed today. They act instead of hesitating.

These individuals consistently accomplish great, almost herculean, feats that continue to blow people’s minds. Yes, it is because of what they accomplished, but it is also how easy they make it look. It is merely like looking at a duck on the water; calm, serine, happy, but their little feet are moving like a machine. 

Dynamic force is the structured tension of pulling back the cord of the bow. That bow cord when pulled back creates a dynamic powerful controlled energy that will get the arrow to its target. That’s part of how the dynamic force person thinks. They know what and where their targets are. They don’t get pulled away, or are distracted, in a thousand different directions. They stay focused on what goals they need to accomplish. They are constantly moving forward.

These individuals are also extremely creative. They tap into their intuition and create answers by making new systems, programs, procedures, and techniques that go beyond just an idea, recommendation, or solution. This idea now becomes a complete packaged system. Figuratively, they put the system in a box with a ribbon around it. This is how they separate themselves from the many. This is why they are so successful. These packaged ideas and systems have been constructed to keep producing a positive impact day after day. 

Dynamic force leaders are not one hit wonders. They have a successful track record of systems and programs. When you look at this track record, there are trends you commonly witness. These come from the qualities of a Dynamic Force Leader which consist of:

  1. Builders– they make things that support the company to become healthier by empowering people to release their talent and potential. Therefore, the culture is filled with energy that people want to contribute to.
  2. Always supporting people– everything they do is positively including people, making everyone feel how important they are to the company; i.e their peers, employees, and Self. Self is written with a capital S. The dynamic force leader teaches individuals to believe and trust in themself. That’s the secret of success for the company, their positive relation with Self.
  3. Manufacturing positive energy– With extreme laser-like focus, they have a long view of the future. But, they are doing the small things that mean everything to the people they are working alongside. They also pull the future to them by their thoughts and feelings they hold in their mind. They’re the ultimate role model. Their mindfulness gives off an energy that everyone can feel. It can be viewed as a discipline that is feeding and juicing up everyone’s battery to go the extra mile. This inspires everyone to be part of a united team.   

When you combine determination, stamina, and now dynamic force together, it’s describing a unique leader. Most leaders of my top 20% clients were not born this way, that’s what makes them so great. They trained themselves to be this way. That’s what makes this information so exciting. If they can do it, you can do it.

Let me know if you need any support in any of these areas. I’m always available to support you.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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