April 1, 2021

By Mark David

Remember the famous 9-word speech given by Sir Winston Churchill at a university commencement. After taking off his top hat and putting down his cigar, Churchill looked at the eager eyes riveted on him. He began, “Never give up.” Then he paused. After a spell he repeated, “NEVER give up.” This was followed by another long pause. The final three words of his speech sent chills up and down the spines of the graduating students. “NEVER… GIVE… UP!” Churchill commanded. 

Then he donned his hat, put his cigar back in his mouth and walked out. The words he spoke were simple – but the application of his words requires guts, determination, desire, imagination and goals. Do you think any of the students forgot his speech??

Today, we can all use these words to support us, our family, friends, and coworkers to get back to what normal was. We all can collectively, proactively, calmly, patiently take one step at a time. Before we know it, we will be back. We will just have use Churchill’s words, “Never give up” as our North Star.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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