Mark David on the IRIS Podcast

July 30, 2020

I’m so happy to share that I collaborated with a longtime client and friend, Doug Heikkinen to create a podcast based on my most recent book, The Gifted Leader. Our conversation was focused on raising awareness around the need to energize the culture of your organization, team and even your family, especially during these current challenging times. 

It’s not business as usual and today’s leaders have the ability to improve moral, productivity and results by using the wisdom and insights found in the The Gifted Leader.

In this podcast, I share how I use ‘gifted leader’ strategies every day and how you can…

  • Thrive vs. just survive
  • Use the power of empathy and caring to connect with others
  • Use the power of empathy and caring to connect with others
  • Inspire your team and family
  • Model leadership that will instill loyalty, trust, and respect in your team
  • Move through your day with the correct mental mindset
  • Maximize your time to achieve the results you want
  • Think and act like a world-class leader, mentor and coach

I hope you enjoy the conversation! 

Mark David

President – The Mark David Corporation

Adding Value Through Meaningful Education

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