Words are cheap. Actions tell the truth. 

September 5, 2019

By Mark David

Alignment between your words and actions is powerful. Your actions back up whether your words are true or false.

You earn people’s respect not by what you say, but by your actions. Which is why, if you’re in any sort of supervisory, management or leadership role, your people are counting on you acting in accordance with what you say.

Actions develop trust and respect with your immediate reports, peers, and upper management. Act like a clown and you are a clown. Act like a leader and you are a leader.

Some people think their words can convince others to believe a particular message, but your actions (and even your body language) are communicating to them the truth. The bottom line is, your actions tell others if you’re being genuine or not.

A good habit to put into practice is to observe your interactions (as objectively as possible) and then determine if your actions and body language are in alignment with your words. This takes being awake and aware in the NOW. The more you practice this activity consistently, the more aligned your words and actions become. 

We learn with our five senses and our sense of sight represents 83% of them. To view the world objectively, think of it as a silent movie. No words – just taking in the story line by watching and observing the individuals actions on the ‘screen’.  Use this power of sight as a tool in discerning words vs. actions. 

Hold yourself and your people accountable so that ‘actions’ become everyone’s truth.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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