5 Key Behaviors to Produce at the Highest Level

January 25, 2019

By Mark David

#1 Commitment

They promised themselves they would do whatever is needed to get the job done. Work and life becomes easier to navigate when you’re supporting yourself vs. fighting yourself.

#2 Correct Attitude

They are consciously focused on knowing what their attitude needs to be in the present moment of NOW. By selecting the correct attitude to what the moment calls for, they feel like their always moving forward toward their established goals.

#3 Emotional Balance

They know that life will be a long and fruitful journey. They also know that when they go up and down like a yo-yo with their emotions, it’s exhausting. It drains them of their energy, so they deliberately stay emotionally balanced and even keeled. They do this by monitoring their internal feelings/emotions. When they feel themselves getting out of balance, they simply ask themselves the following question, “Do I want to feel out of balance?”. Of course, their answer is “No, I want to feel balanced.” Then they give themselves permission to feel it.

#4 Fantatical Focus

This seemed to be the easiest for them, simply because they always know what they want. They never felt overwhelmed by telling themselves in advance what the desired outcome would be. This includes what their day will be like, the meeting they will have, their anticipated interactions with their peers, upper management, employees, clients, partners, etc. By knowing what they want in advance, they subconsciously implement the actions that will make them succeed. In other words, they trust themselves and know it will get done. And it does. We discussed this affirmation that seems to capture their mindset….I want to do it – I am going to do it – I will do it.

#5 Relentless Persistence

During working hours, it’s never a consistently, upward, fluid energy that produces success after success. Work is tough, with lots of stops and starts. One minute you’re going forward and the next going backwards. The energy at work is all over the place. If we could see this energy it would be like a fireworks show, zig zagging all over the place. By knowing this in advance, one must always be relentlessly persistent in moving forward no matter what the obstacles are. This capability is the foundation of their entire work life sits on. There is a limited amount of doubt, fear or uncertainty in their life. They know over time they will figure out how to achieve their goals. This reminds me of one of my favorite teachers, Earl Nightingale. On his deathbed he was asked what’s the most important message you can share with the world before you move on. He said, “Stay with it” . After thirty-one years of running my own business and saying “stay with it” to myself thousands of times, I know my desired outcome is inevitable.

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