Top 4 Capabilities – Part 1 – Determined

Sept 18, 2022

By Mark David

One of the best parts of my work is reviewing the trending data. Looking at data and comprehending the
truth. I do this by viewing all data clinically, objectively and keep in outside of myself. Therefore, I’m not
aligning it with my perception of how the world should be (Ego).

I have discerned that there are 4 trending capabilities with my wildly successful (personally +
professionally) clients. These 4 capabilities keep rising to the forefront of how they are leading,
managing, coaching, and mentoring their organizations/teams. Today, I will share with you my #1 pick.

1 – Determination – Are you determined, or do you wish to harness more determination daily?

Here are some helpful tips.
Determination is one of the top core capabilities I have been able to observe with these individuals.
They are 100% focused on what they want and their wants + purposes are the same. They feel they
were born to achieve their vision (want/purpose). One wonderful example that they all share with me is
that when they get knocked down, thrown off track, things don’t go their way or the way they want,
they do the following next steps. They stop, reflect, and methodically think through their options. Then
they pick the best path forward and immediately take action. They do what is required to get back on
track without losing to much traction. They’re absolute in the attitude that they will accomplish their
goal, objective, project or vision.

It’s as if they’re walking an internal path that’s in a form of a beacon. They have very little fear,
uncertainty, doubt, hesitation about what needs to be done. It’s as if their life is emerging and naturally
unfolding. The future is not known, especially the “how” but they know what will appear needs to be

This is why they’re so successful ~ they trust themselves, respect themselves and they believe in
. Take a minute and reflect on what I have just described and compare these words to your
life. If you align with what I’ve written, I’m so happy for you. If not, ask yourself, what do you really want
to be in this life? Next internalize it and start walking down the path. Do this not by using linear
strategies through a process but instead relax and tap into your internal self. Remember when your
mind goes silent, that is good. The answer you’re looking for, will pop up like a cork from the body
within this silence.

I suggest having fun with determination and weaving it into your daily activities. Next month I will cover
stamina as the second capability of the Top 1% Successful Individuals.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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