Febuary 22, 2019

By Mark David

Most individuals I work with are striving to live a life of contentment. Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life (personal, professional, social, financial, health, etc.). I have found that the key to reaching true contentment is….intention. Intention is a fantastic tool that allows you to be present and centered in the present moment of NOW, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Let’s break down



Intention is having the conscious awareness of deliberately bringing a specific mindset, emotion or action into the present moment of NOW. In other words, you’re not just showing up, winging it and going through the motions. Instead, you’re in the NOW, awake, aware and conscious of all that is happening and in doing so you allow the Universe to deliver only good and positive outcomes.


When you bring intention into your life, in the present moment of NOW, you’re filled with conviction, knowing, confidence, security, high energy and passion. At home, your intention is to be a fantastic husband-father-wife-mother-teacher-caregiver, dispensing love and security to everyone. At work, your intention is to add value to every interaction you have during the day. Everywhere you go, you’re focused on making others feel good about themselves, taking the time to comprehend what others need and want from you and none of this can be done successfully without intention.


There are so many benefits from deliberate focused intention:
  • Contentment in one’s life
  • An increase in your level of gratitude (gratitude acts as a magnetic force that pulls to you the resources you need from the Universe)
  • Amplifies your zeal for life
  • Allows you to see the future. It’s amazing how intention gets rid of all the noise, clutter and distraction. It opens up a clear understanding of what your tomorrow will be.
Starting today, practice living a life of intention and use it to create contentment in your life every day. I look forward to hearing how you stay in the NOW and use intention as a tool for balance, contentment and peace in everything you do.

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