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March. 5, 2020

By Mark David

We all have the same amount of time each day. Twenty-four fantastic hours. The difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders is what do you do and achieve in each hour. Therefore, it comes down to the decision you make that becomes your actions. Teach your people to make the correct decisions and they will trigger the right behavior that will get them the results they desire.

We all must live and work in the present moment of NOW.

While in the NOW, you’re awake, aware and conscious of your internal voice. This internal voice is your coach, guide of informing you if you’re in the past, present or future. Your goal is to stay in the NOW. Making the correct decision. When you’re in the past you’re worrying, when in the future you’re in a state of anxiety and overwhelm. Both states prevent you from making a clinical, clear, objective decision. Both of those states will distort the data. Being in the NOW allows you to stay objective with emotional immunity and pick the correct course of action. There is a simple, but powerful, universal law in time management, “Take care of today and you will take care of tomorrow.”

Strategic thinking while in the present moment of NOW will allow you to think into the future (vision) and then come back to the NOW. Bring back into the NOW the vision so you can come up with the strategy (plan) to get to your desired future state.

Combine time management with strategic thinking in the following way…

  • One year in advance – create your 1-year vision 
  • One month in advance (the last week of every month) – define your monthly goals, these goals attach to your vision
  • One week in advance (every Thursday plan for the next week) – based on what needs to be done to achieve your monthly goals
  • One day in advance (the night before) – plan for the next day – your plan should connect to your week, month and year 

“A competitive world offers two possibilities. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change.” – L.C.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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