The more you are YOU, the more you will DO

January 13, 2022

By Mark David

Happy new year to you, your families and all the employees at your company. As you embark down the road of 2022, make this a great year of being successful. The easiest way I know how is by focusing on this reality of, The more you are You, the more you will Do

Doing your best against our potential is always a challenge. Therefore, the more you courageously release your potential (You) the more you will accomplish. Take a moment today and write down the labels that represent what you must commit to maximizing in 2022 and beyond. An example of this would be Leadership. Right now, you know you could be a better leader within your company, whether you have direct reports or not. Your leadership style can and should be upgraded, expanded, refined, and modernized. You feel the excitement within you as you begin to think of inventive ways to create a new leadership style to embark on in 2022. You begin to see all the leadership opportunities not only in the workplace but also on the home-front with a new lens of clarity. 

The mechanics to make this new improved behavior is simple. You must trust yourself, trust your timing, trust your instincts, and trust your wisdom. Stop being shy to the world! Let all of us know who you truly are in your most veracious state. The world will become a better place with more of YOU in it.
Let 2022 be the year the world experiences the authentic you. By letting my motto of, The more you are YOU, the more you will DO, be a guiding light for you to follow.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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