July 12, 2022

By Mark David

Congratulations – you and your family are going on a well-deserved vacation. Over the years I have gotten great feedback from my students that have used these practical suggestions I have recommended. These are great tips whether taking a 3 day or one month sabbatical.

Tip #1: Vision 5 Senses Overview

Create on a single page of paper the following headings

Vision – Desired Future State.

What do you….

  • I hear
  • I see
  • I smell
  • I touch
  • I taste

Give yourself space between each heading so you can fill in a description of the topics. Here is an example: 

  • Vision: For my two week vacation my family and I had an easy trip getting to our destination. All our transportation and lodging were just as we planned. The same held true when we traveled home. Everything was smooth and easy. 

The time we spent together as a family was incredible. All of us had the correct amount of individual time and bonding time. We laughed more than we spoke to the point my sides hurt. I truly executed being in the present moment of now with everyone. Giving them my unconditional love and gratitude. My thoughts, words, actions and emotions were all aligned. I became a role model and everyone followed my lead. Wow, this was the best family vacation we have ever had.

  • I hear: My partner tells me they are having a great time. The children are telling me I outdid myself. All the family events I planned captures their interest. All the people at the different venues greeted us with such warm welcoming words and actions. They made us feel very comfortable. I hear myself on the plane ride home tell myself I should feel very proud of how I put together a fantastic vacation for everyone. My family members are all telling me they want to do it again – Yes!! 
  • I see: All of my family members laughing and having a ball. Their body language is broadcasting out that this is a perfect holiday for them. Just what we all needed in our lifes now. 

Everyone’s faces are lighting up with a wonderful a warm soft glow. Their energy I’m feeling is that they are healthy, safe, secure, and happy on this family trip. So many of the activities we did seemed to playout as small miracles happening to all of us. This vacation is creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

  • I smell: My family’s essence in our hotel rooms. Everyone is lounging around – happy just being together. It smells like a sweet scent of vanilla. Were all part of this atmosphere. We are all contributing to it.  The scent is allowing and encouraging us to slow down. Its ok to do nothing….ahhhh doing nothing! What a treat!!
  • I touch: Many things during this vacation I touch my partner’s hand as we take many wonderful walks together and enjoy viewing the sunrise + sunset. We tell each other how much we love and appreciate the life/family we have created. It was a great moment of recognizing the effort and commitment we both have for each other and the children.

I’m able to give each of the children many bear hugs and they tell them how much they love me. They are miracles emerging into becoming larger than life realities. Wow, who would have thought that could be this amazing today. 

  • I taste:  a glass of water on the plane going home and toast everyone for being on their best behavior, also all the people who supported us to have a vacation of a lifetime. 

All these descriptions should act as a catalyst for you to make the Vision 5 Senses overview your reality. 

Tip#2: Write your V+5 Senses at least a week before you leave on your trip. Read it each day in the AM before you start your activities. Make your words an incredible movie in the theater of your mind.

Tip #3: Put your V+5 Senses in an envelope and mail it to yourself the day before you leave.

Tip #4: When you get home go to the mailbox and retrieve your letter. Next, find a quiet moment in your day and read it. As you read it compare what you wrote to what actually happened. You will observe that your words either capture most of your trip or it was the foundation that made the trip even better than you could have imagined. 

Have a great vacation, you have earned it!

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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