Feb. 6, 2020

By Mark David

‘E’ stands for an event that is happening in your life – either positive or negative.  Your job is to have emotional immunity and stay open to learning from the event. As the event is unfolding, ask yourself what is the lesson here. Once you establish the lesson and how it applies to your life, use the next part of the formula

‘R’ stands for how you react to the event. Your response to the event will give you the (O)utcome. Simply put, it’s not the (E)vent that’s controlling the (O)utcome, it’s your (R)eaction. 

Your reaction to the event should be proactive, not reactive. The ‘R’ can also stand for Responsibility. It’s your responsibility to be emotionally immune to the event. Learn from it and then proactively make the correct behavioral adjustment to give you the desired outcome. 

This is a great formula to share with your team, organization and even your family. It’s a life formula that can be used throughout your day. It will support a successful life for the decisions one makes add up to be the outcomes of your life. The focus on making the correct decisions. This formula directly has a positive impact for you today and your future. 

Below is a list of questions to stimulate your thinking about how you can use the E + R = O formula in your life:

  • What events are most challenging to achieve the desired outcomes?
  • What reactions are critical to achieving the desired results?
  • How reactive is your organization when dealing with normal events in your world?
  • Describe how individuals act when they are reacting correctly and proactively to events they have no control over.

E + R = O is simply a tool to make your life, not only more successful, but give you the ability to enjoy it and have greater satisfaction in every hour of your day. 

My suggestion to you is – don’t just read this message and forget about it. Take this information and use it to make a permanent habit that you’ll carry with you throughout your career and life.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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