No One Is Coming

Oct 11, 2019

By Mark David

No one is coming…” is one of my all-time favorite quotes. I’ve been saying these words to myself and my clients for the past four decades and I’ve taught it to all my students. Most individuals would agree that it makes a lot of sense. 

No one is coming…. is the self-realization that you alone own anything and everything. Its sole meaning is to holding yourself accountable to achieving personal and professional goals that no one else can achieve for you.

No one is coming to…

  • Get you that promotion
  • Protect and build successful a life for your family Give you great health
  • Give you a proactive attitude
  • Build your retirement nest egg

When you own these words, you become the best version of yourself that you can be. Your purpose on this planet becomes a simple clear truth and you will find it much easier to make the difficult decisions in your life. It gives you freedom from your reptilian brain that wants to shackle you to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Use “No one is coming….” as a tool to build a strong, successful, vibrant life. It creates an energy field around you that is giving, engaged, humble and serving of others. People are attracted to those who believe and implement this way of being in the world.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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