PONO is the Hawaiian word balance of all thing

April 25, 2019

By Mark David

Upon closer examination, PONO is really the acceptance that life is out of balance most of the time.

Top 1% performers accept this concept but many individuals resist this reality. PONO is about reducing and eliminating expectations. In its place, Top 1% performers substitute expectations with preferences. I would prefer this to happen vs. I must have this happen. You do this by giving yourself multiple options vs. a single absolute.

PONO teaches us that when an imbalance takes place, we must make the correct nonemotional adjustment and move forward. Living with PONO means accepting that an outside event was supposed to happen and it allows you to make the correct adjustment/action in order to naturally resolve the issue. Top 1% performers aren’t victims. They know that life isn’t fair so they don’t complain about it. Instead, they accept what is, they learn to adjust and move on.

The concept of PONO says – less is better. Reevaluate behaviors that you implemented years ago but are now outdated and obsolete. Work to rid yourself of these behaviors and habits that no longer serve you.

Lastly, the power of PONO tells us to keep a balance of time and energy in all things in our life that are meaningful and important to us – self-care, family time, work/career, hobbies, friends, etc. In order to maintain PONO is these areas it’s important to plan your time and involvement
in each.

Remember, no one is coming and you own the responsibility to create your reality/movie.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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