Professionalism: Where Has It Gone?

May 17, 2018

By Mark David

So many of my clients have been asking me a great and very relevant question, what can I recommend they do, to give them and their organization, a competitive edge? In other words, a way to elevate them in the eyes of others. I like to keep things simple. So here’s my simple, easy, 100% guarantee input that will immediately give you the upper hand… Be 100% professional at all times Let me describe what this means. Professionalism is when an individual’s thinks and acts in the following ways:
  • Trustworthy
  • Does exactly what they say they’re going to do
  • When necessary, communicates early to others that they can’t do what was asked of them
  • Relentless follow-up,  communicating what others need to know
  • Never backs down from having the tough conversations
  • Never gives excuses – they always state the facts with multiple options to move forward
  • Always follows up when they say they will whether they have the information needed or not
  • Impeccable manners – takes the average conversations/interactions and makes people feel special by saying thank you, you’re welcome, listening to them, not doing all the talking
  • Does not use slang words or actions
  • Never gossips or acts passive aggressively
  • 100% accountable for their words, actions and results
  • Demonstrates that they are willing to go the extra mile in their everyday activities without looking for recognition
  • Committed to delivering negative news as soon as they can – when something negative occurs they  never wait, procrastinate, hold back in getting that information to the correct people
  • Always early to every appointment
  • Sending agendas and meeting summaries before and after each meeting
  • Thoughtful in their actions by sending handwritten notes, cards, articles that have personal meaning, leaving proactive voice mails (before holidays, pre and post vacations and birthdays)
The list could go on and on. Being professional means you create and build long term partnerships with individuals by demonstrating actions that say to others, you are important to me. I want your brand to have professionalism attached to it, not by your title or years of experience but by how well you treat others. The bottom line is, be conscious of your actions all day, every day. Look for opportunities to better your own behavioral professional growth and let your professionalism shine.

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