Make Adjustments

April 2, 2020

By Mark David

Every day we have the opportunity to accept the challenges the world gives us. It’s important to stay focused on both the macro and micro at the same time. We can’t let the noise of the day overtake us – we must welcome all of it and have the courage to see the truth it brings to us. 

You do this by making the adjustment of pulling yourself out of the equation and making the proper adjustments to unconditionally support others in your world. The adjustment I’m referring to is using the power of your loyalty and commitment to keep others safe, secure, healthy and happy. By making this adjustment to take care of others and putting them first, you’re naturally taking care of yourself and accomplish your true goal. 

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Intuitively make the adjustment and then let go, step back and watch your path appear. With every step, you will get stronger and more courageous. You’ll know this path because your internal movie will be delivering it to you. Take the time to see it and feel how right it is for you, your family, your company, your community and the world.  

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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