Jan. 2, 2020

By Mark David

Most 12-Step programs usually start off their meetings with the ‘Serenity Prayer’ which is about accepting the things you cannot change. Therefore, one must comprehend the truth of their reality. Based on truth, we can make the correct decisions.

Acceptance will set you up to:

  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Truly understand that you are responsible for making a change vs. what you have always done in the past
  • See the possible disconnect between your vision as a leader, not reaching the levels below you
  • Keep helping and supporting the correct changes for your team/organization

These and other changes must take hold for the future of your success to happen. One must know if you can or can’t change. You must decide to do this.

Here is a statement a recent leader shared with me that captures the essence of how important ‘acceptance of what is’ for all of us…

“We don’t know that adults can change who they are. They can be forced into certain behaviors but would have to be constantly monitored and would be a roadblock in many ways. They have to understand what is in it for them in the long run and decide to change. If they don’t reach this point they need to be moved out of the way.”

Here is a list of questions to stimulate your thinking about how you’re using ‘acceptance of what is’ in your life:

  • What behavioral changes need to occur in your organization? Why?
  • What situation do you need to accept as your reality that you’re currently struggling with – personal, professional, health, family?
  • What are the consequences of these actions?
  • Does your organization know and use acceptance as the doorway to change? If yes, describe how.
  • In your opinion, when people permanently change why does it happen?

Acceptance is the doorway of adult behavioral change. Make it a permanent part of your life – you won’t regret it!

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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