Jan 26, 2023

By Mark David

As a coach, I get asked many times “How can you be continuously happy – especially in these times filled with stress and anxiety?” The answer is easy to describe ~ the doing is where it gets tough. 

The answer is to hold yourself accountable for the life you want. Create a vivid understanding of your desired future state. Achieve it or not. If not, know that you will be receiving something better. Therefore, you’re in a constant state of knowing your life is exactly the way it should be unfolding. 

Your life is perfect right now. Your life will be perfect tomorrow. Accept this accountability of holding yourself to this reality. The outside world does not control your internal happiness…You Do! Do this internal work of knowing.

Your future state is already here inside of you. Work to keep that movie playing on your internal movie screen.

A 14th-century mystic said “The outer work can never be small, if the inner work is great and the outer work can never be great in the inner work is small.”

Give yourself the gift of happiness. Hold yourself accountable for being happy because you are being you. Let the outside worlds issues bounce off you. Don’t ingest the negativity. Stay accountable and just be as you are ~ It’s perfect

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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