Character vs. Popularity

November 16, 2017

By Mark David

Good leadership involves responsibility to your entire team. This means some people will get angry at certain decisions. It’s inevitable – if you’re honorable. – Colin Powell

If your number one goal is to ensure that everyone likes and approves of you, you will inevitably compromise your integrity and, therefore, your credibility as a leader. Let’s face it, not every decision you make as a leader will be popular, but that’s as it should be. Down deep, every member of your team wants a leader who will make the hard decisions, based on what’s best for the entire group rather than what’s best for themselves or certain individuals. The leader’s role can be a lonely and unpopular one at times. But even the most disgruntled team will respect the leader who has the courage and character to stand firm and make the tough decisions. It’s good to reflect on the time- honored business axiom: “Character is what you are; reputation is what others think you are. Reputation comes from others, but character is in you.”

Excerpt from The New Coaching Illustrated

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