Cultivate a Farm Team

January 25, 2018

By Mark David

Always have your back-up players waiting in the wings. – Mark David

Some of your team members, including high performers, are not going to stay with you forever. For this reason, I recommend that you set aside four hours each month to cultivate a prospective farm team. You can use this team to replace players who are promoted or leave your company. You can’t afford to wait until a vacancy occurs to start this process. Cultivating a farm team is a proactive method of developing prospective employees. It provides you with the security of knowing that if you lose a team member, you can easily fill the position. To make this a reality, you need to set the goal, produce a plan, create action steps and record them in your daily planner. The most important time to farm is when you are fully staffed. Don’t wait for the crisis! Think ahead, take your time, keep putting out feelers, and constantly be on the lookout for good prospects. That way, when someone does leave your team, you’ll have a ready pool of potential candidates to interview. Typically, one will be able to step right into the target role.

Excerpt from The New Coaching Illustrated

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