The Holidays IGNITE New Energy!

Dec. 5, 2019

By Mark David

This time of year rings in excitement, energy and magic. Whether it’s the nature of the season which generates more smiles and goodwill, spending more time with family and friends or simply watching children react to the magic and possibilities of the season, this time of year creates a wave of energy that takes flight. 

When everything aligns to move swiftly and confidently forward, do it. Move forward and know your plan will be supported by your intuitive navigational system.

On the work front we experience increased energy to end the year strong and jump start the New Year that’s just around the corner. When you think about it, it’s amazing what we get accomplished at such a busy time. 

It truly is a wonderful time of year, personally and professionally. Many have said it before, if we could just maintain this increased energy and attitude of goodwill throughout the year, imagine what type of world we would live in.

Many of you have heard me speak about the power of “Manufacturing Energy” and the information below will provide you with ideas, recommendations and solutions to support your effort to maintain high energy levels year round.

I believe that the most successful people are masters at creating positive energy. We all know that positive energy is a good thing, but how many of us are aware of our energy levels each moment of the day? Usually our energy is controlling us vs. us monitoring and creating our energy consistently throughout the day. Highly successful individuals understand that positive energy creates a magnetic force that pulls them toward their vision, objectives, dreams and goals. This is where the statement of “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy” comes into play. Energy attracts energy. Positive energy puts you in the right place at the right time. You’ll be amazed at how lucky you become when you learn to create and maintain high energy levels.

How to Create High, Positive ENERGY

1. Tell the truth to yourself and others. The truth will definitely set you free to perfect your highest level. When you live and work from a foundation of truth, you create a clear, open highway on which to navigate. Any variance from the truth, creates potholes and obstacles that only slow you down. The truth allows positive energy to flow through your body and mind. Your clients and co-workers can feel this positive energy which allows you to earn trust and respect. Never underestimate the positive energy that the truth provides.

2. Make a list of FEEL GOODS. When you feel good your energy is good. Refer to this list whenever you feel your energy drop. This is a simple, yet powerful, technique. 

3. Work your plan on a daily basis. Focus creates positive energy. The first step is to create your plan but more importantly, reviewing it and holding yourself accountable to it on a daily basis. When you are AWAKE, reviewing and making adjustments to your plan on a daily basis you increase your focus, clarity and confidence. Let this feeling confirm that you are on your path to success. 

4. Learn from the past. Everything happens for a reason. It’s important to stop, reflect, and learn the lessons that present themselves to you. You will be amazed at the energy you generate from being conscious of life lessons. 

5. Focus on doing the right thing. Nothing can deplete your energy more than wasting time on incorrect tasks. We all know the normal business day can spin you like a top, therefore you need to be working your plan and reviewing it daily. Success is simple, it’s just the structure and discipline that is difficult. The discipline you need to master to maintain your energy is to slow down so you can get ahead. Take a few moments to recheck your plan to make sure you are focused on the correct activities. 

6. Unconditionally helps others. One of the reasons energy levels increase during the holidays is it’s a time when we naturally support those who are less fortunate. Maintain a giving spirit throughout the year. Donate to a good cause, participate in a fundraising event, mentor a colleague and provide service excellence. There are so many areas of life where you can give unconditionally. When you do, get ready for the positive energy that come to you. 

7. Make ENERGY your #1 daily goal. Monitor and check your energy levels throughout the day. Understand that your thoughts, feelings, attitude and actions all affect your energy level. Make sure you are eating right, drinking enough water and getting proper rest. A healthy heart is an energetic heart.  If you can, get in forty-five minutes of cardio (65% max heart rate) four times a week.

The benefit of staying in a state of high, positive energy is creating an abundant, content and successful life.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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