Jan. 7, 2021

By Mark David

Patience will allow you to slow down to get ahead. Patience and correct timing to be patient is key to a successful life.

Here are a few specific areas to implement your patience…

1. Yourself – give yourself a break. Stop making time commitments that are unrealistic to accomplish, not only for you but your entire family. Build into your week, time for you to do nothing and be okay with this. Build a fire and read your favorite book, bring out the canvas and paints. Do something for you.

Let me ask you this question – What are you rushing to? For most of us, we realize we’re being chronologically challenged. Yes, we’re getting older. I say to you, slow time down by building patience into your life adventure. You will never regret it.

2. Your Partner – so many people are used as a doormat at work. Everyone wants something from you at all times and they want it now. They all want it now – as organizations have gotten flatter everyone is responsible for so much more. It’s just a reality of being a member of corporate America today. With that said, when we go home and connect with our spouse or partner, many of them have had the same type of day. Our patience is gone. 

Here is where the habit of patience has helped me and many of my clients enjoy our time with our partners. When you get home – or leave your home office – patiently use the first fifteen minutes to find out how the other persons day was. Listen carefully and lovingly and most of all patiently.

This might now sound like a lot to do but it’s a very important part of building a strong long term partnership. Consistency is the key and, of course, leave all your work issues behind you. In pre-Covid times I would have recommended that you put them in your glove compartment of your car. But, since many of us are working from home these days, put them in your desk drawer and you can easily pick them up for the next day. 

Patience is key to be content at work. It’s so important to patiently enjoy the day-to-day journey of the overall adventure. Stay focused on being in the present moment of now. Stop looking at the finish line. The finish line will be there – I promise you.

By patiently being in the present moment of now you will eliminate your stress and anxiety at work. Patiently be proactively reflective. Therefore, make the best decision you can for this moment of your work journey. 

Again, what’s the rush? The rush is all self-made. Eliminate it by being patient. 

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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