March 31, 2022

By Mark David

Many of today’s realities seems to make no sense at all. I would like to focus on the invisible leaders as they populate most companies. Let me give you a perfect example: Most yearly companywide engagement scores report back to their leadership team that upper management is disconnected from the front lines they lead. And yet nothing to very little is done about it. The bottom line to improve the total company morale is simple, show people you care about them – That’s it. Demonstrate you have their best interests in mind when making all decisions. Todays’ leaders know they are in a talent war. There are not enough highly qualified people to fill everyone’s vacancies. To build a highly productive team, organization, and company its mandatory that you keep your best people and attract your industries top professionals. Money alone won’t do the job of filling your new hire demands. History has taught us, if a person is coming just for the money they will be gone soon to the next highest bidder. 

Here are a few ways to go from being a disconnected invisible leader to an inspirational leader:

  1. Listen to your people – Proactively have them be involved in making large to small decisions. This will create a culture of empowerment, loyalty, trust, and respect. They know their opinions count by experiencing you putting their recommendations into action.
  2. Share your understanding of what is…
    1. Your vision for your organization 
    2. Each team within your organization creates their vision, goals, objectives and OKRs based on your vision.
    3. Teams understand how they interact with each other to ensure these different visions, goals, objectives are collectively met. 
    4. Therefore, every team and organization is working together, connected to make one highly productive organization/company.
  3. Have the company, organization or team become a vehicle for each individual to achieve their personal and family goals. Build an environment – culture where every individual thinks the company has given them a franchise opportunity. This encourages, everyone to think it’s their business. This will allow management to do very little micromanaging.  Why? To be a successful franchise owner one must take ownership of all the details to achieve the desired results. 

The inspirational leaders are visible because they act as role models. They standup and are seen. They model to their people how to be a trusted respected person and leader by their words aligning with their actions. This triggers a reaction within each employee’s family that they are truly in a safe secure environment that will grow their careers. One last thought; Adults are happy when they own 100% of being accountable for the outcomes of their life – Period. The inspirational leader lets you create your own reality at work. They teach their people to be independent and more accountable to themselves. They grow their people’s capabilities, and they hold them accountable. Accountability has always been the fuel that drives positive results through the roof.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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