May 6, 2021

By Mark David

Time management has never been more important, as we go back to our post-COVID days. Many individuals are out of time management balance.

Time management is not a matter of controlling people and things. It’s a matter of understanding that time management is within YOU! The tools you have to manage time are very simple and it all comes down to your decision-making capabilities. You decide what you want to do or not do. By accepting this truth, you free yourself up versus being a victim of time. 

At work, one must accept the outside world structure such as numerous meetings, deadlines and projects. The bottom line is, if we want to be employed, we have to participate in these activities. Avoid saying to yourself, “I can’t control my time.” When you do, your take on a victim mentality. YOU make the choice to do certain things or not

Again, if you have to do it, DO IT with a positive attitude! Have the correct attitude and commit to it 100%. By having the correct, positive attitude toward the structure you can’t control, you empower yourself to be in more control of your life and its outcome. Find time during the day where you can make the choice of how YOU use time and feel good about it. Let it empower you. Save yourself from being a time management victim and eliminate those words from your mind and vocabulary. Don’t say in a weak voice, “I can’t meet with you now, I have another meeting.” Say in an empowered voice, “I would really like to speak with you today but I’m in a meeting until 3pm. How does 4 o’clock work for you?”

Don’t say to your children, “I can’t be with you right now because I have to finish this work project.” Say enthusiastically, “I can’t wait to finish up this work project so that we can spend time together today. Let’s spend a few minutes together now and then I’ll finish up my work and I’ll be done in thirty minutes. Does that sound like a good plan?” OWN IT! Own the responsibility of the time in your life.

On a daily basis, catch yourself when you have a ‘Victim of Time Management’ mentality or language. Rephrase your language to reflect that you are an ‘Owner’ of your time. Rethink what you’re saying to yourself about what you’re doing and what you’re not. Having the correct view of ownership of your time is a life-long decision and activity. The decision is where time originates. The answer to time management lies within you. Decide today and every day to do what you want in this world. Choose to participate actively and positively. 

All of us are creating the new normal. We don’t need to know how, we just have to believe that our tomorrow will be better than today. Let the ‘how’ unfold as we head into the rest of the year.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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