March. 4, 2021

By Mark David

The People Power principle is defined as … Two or more people who have the same common goal will come up with the idea, recommendations and solutions that neither party would have come up with as individuals.

People Power is a principle I have been using for years. When two or more people co- develop a new idea that will help them achieve the agreed upon goal, it is extremely energizing for everyone. It’s a form of brainstorming without losing a lot of time.

When people power occurs, it means you and the other person are in alignment. Throughout my years as a leader, manager, coach, People Power indicated to me that the person I was working with was on the same page as me.

I want you to become more conscious of when People Power happens. Be more aware when you think it should be occurring. By deliberately creating more of these People Power moments, you will be pleasantly surprised. You and others will be producing more ideas, recommendations and solutions for meetings and exceeding goals. Therefore deliberately create people power with your family members, Boss, clients, prospects and vendors.

One way to accelerate creating People Power is to revisit the agreed upon goal and discuss its importance and benefits of achieving it. I also recommend preparing a few questions to stimulate your thoughts in relationship to the past and future understanding of the agreed upon goal. These questions are to challenge what has been accomplished or not accomplished in relation to the goal. Enjoy using this technique. It’s energizing when it happens. Expect it to happen often in your life.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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