July 19, 2018

By Mark David

Can you believe it’s already July!? It seems impossible that half of the year has already flown by. Many individuals turn the page into the New Year without a plan to make the most of each day, week and month. The fact is, there are only six months left in this year to create your best and most lucrative relationships. Below I’ve outlined eight steps that will help you improve your relationships and maximize your results by being a Top 1% Relationship Manager (builder of strong, long term partnerships).
    1. Consistently provide 5-star, world class service. This is the foundation for success.
    2. Build trust in all relationships. Understand and use this formula: Involvement = Commitment = Loyalty = Long term partnership. Trust in yourself and your abilities and you’ll bring others along with you.
    3. Challenge/question issues that drive the relationship to a deeper level. You really don’t know someone until you experience challenging times together where fear and/or uncertainty is present.
    4. Help make the invisible visible in your relationships. In other words, you know their world so well you can lead them, not just follow them, to their goals. You’re excited and not afraid to show them the way.
    5. Create an aerial view calendar of quality marketing messages. This customized marketing campaign/message creates a proactive reason for you to call/follow-up with them and, most importantly, add value to the relationship.
    6. Become part of the decision maker’s inner circle. You review information that allows you to be their true consultant, coach and guide. They position you to be proactively engaged with them as they facilitate their future. Most people are reactive within their relationships….This is being proactive.
    7. Constantly go the extra mile in your actions. There is no doubt or hesitation in your client’s perception of your fanatical focus to support them. You always goes over and above the norm.
    8. Live every minute of every day in a state of success. You’re not waiting to meet and exceed your goals to feel this way. Reverse the process that the majority of people use to live their lives. You feel fantastic and are excited while pursuing your goals.
If you’re not living this way and practicing these behaviors every day, call me! I have information that will allow you to live in a successful state each and every day.

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