Tune In

July 27, 2017

By Mark David

“Learn to listen to what people don’t say.” ~ Germain Glidden

Winning coaches have developed long antennae. They try to stay tuned to the sometimes subtle signals that are coming from each member of their team. All verbal, non-verbal, and written communication—even omissions and silence—can cue a leader to potential issues that may need personal attention. Look for telltale signs of frustration, boredom or discontent, and be willing to reach out and invite your teammates to open up and talk things over with you. True, some of these conversations may end up being quite personal, but that can be a good thing. An annual study by the American Management Association lists the 10 things employees want most from their managers. Surprisingly, “higher pay” is usually listed fourth or fifth, while “cares about my personal problems” is listed near the top.

Excerpt from The New Coaching Illustrated

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