Dec. 3, 2020

By Mark David

Imagination is something that you must develop, it just doesn’t happen for most people. It’s a skill that people I work with are consciously strengthening their capability to perform. 

Imagination allows you to see things that others don’t see. That’s why it’s such an important skill to have. It gives you a huge competitive advantage.

Imagination allows you to understand that there is more to a situation that most people can comprehend. It’s like taking a veil off of your brain or removing blinders that were blocking your vision. 

Imagination requires you to study the data and the move it around to create different possibilities. Also, to challenge yourself to go beyond the obvious. You have to internally believe you’ll find an alternate answer. Relax, let your intuitive self-rise above the weeds in a state of observation. Detach judgement and your academic sequence of logic. See the world in color vs. black and white. It’s like looking at a tree – most people see the entire fullness of the tree, it’s backdrop against the blue sky, the wonderful size and rich fullness of its beauty. But there’s also a lot more to that tree. The space between the leaves and branches. These specifics also make up the reality of that tree. Most folks never look at this. 

Let’s say you want to become more successful now. Here’s an answer that will always work. Pick a specific area, product, service, program, system, process, etc. that’s already extremely successful. Take it and make it 10% better. Just use your imagination to make it 10% better. Not 100% better, just 10%. Have this mindset in a competitive situation – be 10% better and you will outperform most individuals.

Use your imagination to become more successful in life. The world is waiting for your imagination and will open up its arms to embrace it. I have found the greatest blocker of imagination is your lack of belief in yourself. You being afraid to take a chance to dare to be different for the opinions of others seem to be more important than your own. 

My suggestion is… have the courage to use your imagination without any attachment to the outcome. Clear out your self-limiting thoughts and feelings. Use it and see what happens. 

Be proud of your imagination and let it broadcast to the world that you’re alive and fully participating in the game of life.  

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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