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Truth and Trust Go Hand in Hand

December 1, 2016

By Mark David

Here are four mental reminders that will contribute to your success as a leader and coach:

  • To be a great coach, you must have the trust of your team.
  • Trust cannot be demanded, it can only be earned.
  • Trust is not earned overnight, it is earned over time.
  • Truth and trust go hand-in-hand.

It’s human nature to want to bend the truth “just a little bit” in certain situations. But if a leader can’t be trusted to tell the truth in small things, how can he or she expect to command the respect of the team in large things? Honesty is what enables you to lead your team forward and achieve the desired goals.

Try to follow this simple but powerful reminder by Nido Quebein: “Say what you mean; say exactly what you mean; say only what you mean.”

As your team’s coach, you must say what you mean and lead by example. You can’t afford to overpromise, exaggerate or speak before you have all the facts. Lay the ground rules by clearly forewarning team members of the consequences of dishonesty. The truth then becomes a shared standard that must be upheld by all. It acts as a core value and guiding principle that holds the team together as you move forward.

Excerpt from The New Coaching Illustrated
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