Top 4 Capabilities – Part 2 – Stamina

Oct 13, 2022

By Mark David

Stamina is my number two of the four trending capabilities that make up my Top
20% of clients. The stamina that they all possess is presented in four forms:

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

Stamina, by definition, is the ability to sustain prolonged effort on focused areas of your life.

Mental stamina allows individuals to stay focused on the job at hand and block out all the noise. These individuals are able to keep the exterior world outside of themselves. They are conscious of what’s going on, but keep their mental concentration on the goal. They know they are only subject to what they hold in their mind. They live their entire life this way. Moment after moment they keep making conscious decisions aligned with their goal. They practice this behavior consistently and don’t allow themselves to go adrift.

Emotional stamina allows these individuals to unconditionally give their emotions to the people most important to them in their lives. They completely open up their emotional gates of giving, supporting, and assisting others all while never looking to recover any of this back. The more emotions they give away the stronger they become. This emotional stamina feeds their internal joy, love, peace, and contentment. They look for small, medium, and large opportunities to emotionally support others. They know the longer they make this conscious choice the more secure their world becomes. Emotional stamina creates a constant stream that feeds their energy levels and allows them to lead a life of awe and inspire others. Every day they feel good for no good reason.

The third form is Physical stamina. These individuals are amazing. They are so locked into their mental and emotional self that this gives them the highest energy level for whatever endurance is needed. What I find so interesting is that they truly aren’t thinking about their physicality. They are all in a wide variety of physical conditions from good to poor, and even some bad. But they get the job done and find themselves on the extra mile all the time. Also, these individuals understand that their physical conditioning can and does affect their emotional and mental state when they get mentally exhausted/emotionally drained. They don’t go to external stimulants; they challenge themselves to be more physical. Whether it’s working out hard at the gym, practicing yoga, biking, walking, swimming, running, hiking, or meditating. They know working up a great sweat will get their overall energy levels elevated and align with their purpose. It’s truly amazing how well this process consistently works.

The fourth form is Spiritual stamina. This seems to be the glue that holds everything together. It unifies and solidifies all four forms of stamina. They believe in the universe or its equivalent. They trust that they are not alone. They ask for help/support the correct way. They do this by knowing that to communicate with the universe 100% of the time, there is a 3-part formula used to activate this spiritual stamina.

  • Part I: They place their order to the universe. In the first-person present tense: “I declare that I achieved the positive results I outlined from my meeting with my manager”. This represents 60% of the process.
  • Part II: Define why you want it. Building into your statement a ton of gratitude, humility, and courage. “This order I just placed will happen because it has given me a chance to help many of my peers and their employees. This fills me up from my toes to my head with gratitude. I’m also filled with a ton of humility to be able to secure and help so many people. I know this will create a magnetic force that will pull to me the resources I need from the universe. Included in these resources are conversations, people, opportunities, emails, voicemails, and financial prosperity. I feel great today.” This represents 30% of the process.
  • Part III: Last is how to achieve this goal. The how can only be a faint strawman in your minds-eye. By letting go and believing it’s already here will manifest the how. Let go, believe and the how will appear.

The bottom line of stamina is to be awake, aware, and conscious of what’s going on inside/outside of you. Life is too short to waste a second. Maximize your life with stamina

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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