Feb 16, 2023

By Mark David

I get asked in January of every year, “Can you give me a quick way to be successful?” Here is a three-step system that can carry you over the finish line:

  1. The ‘S’ stands for structure. This is the beginning of the system, as it creates the energy to push forward and reach your vision. Structure combines your vision and your plan to produce a basic blueprint for you to follow. Structure focuses on what you want, why you want it, and the means of reaching it. Individuals must fully immerse themselves every minute of the day in not just understanding the blueprint, but becoming the blueprint. Therefore, your daily energy is amplifying your power to get the job done by being more of you
  2. The ‘D’ stands for discipline. Another word for discipline is an individual’s habits. One must convert the plan into a habit, and then use the habit to achieve the vision. One must immerse oneself into the structure the same way you would immerse yourself into discipline. You must drench your habits with your talents and gifts, and make sure to go the extra mile on everything you implement in your life. I’m truly not making this up or even shining a light on this for you. Just read or listen to truly great people and you will hear them echo these facts.
  3. Lastly, the ‘R’ stands for relentless repetition. This is the constant movement of your activities/habits that will allow you to break through and reach your destination. Relentless repetition reminds me of a jack hammer being used to break up the cement. It takes enormous strength, power, and focus that hits a specific point over and over again.

We are now at the half-way point of the NBA season. The best shooters practice everyday, shooting hundreds of shots before every game. They have to do this relentless repetition to make their shooting success automatic.

Look at your calendar for the last 6 months. How much practice time did you give yourself every day? I know you think you don’t have the time, but in reality you have all of the time in the world. 

If you know today you need to create or eliminate a habit, challenge yourself to commit to the practice time you will need to make it an automatic behavior. It takes 12-18 months of consistent focused attention of your practice to make it a habit. Only you know how important this is to your life right now. 

Therefore, the underlying foundation to S + D + R is revealed by answering these three questions. What do you want, why do you want it, and how badly do you want it? Step back and just look at your actions, as it will tell you the truth about your answers. 

Let me know your thoughts about this blog, as I am writing it to you so you can be more of who you are, today and tomorrow.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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