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March 23, 2023

By Mark David

Here are 15 leadership characteristics that are negative and positive in nature. When I’m referring to negative and positive characteristics think of them this way; The negative weakens your team’s energy levels. The positive strengthens your team’s energy levels. As an inspirational leader, you want to continually increase everyone’s energy. It creates outstanding results.Use this list to compare how you relate to them. The positive side needs constant focus and attention. You never get to do any of them perfectly. That’s why you’re always working to strengthen them. The negative side needs to be eliminated, shored up or fixed. 

Review this list of negative and positive descriptions with your team. Ask them to share with you their perception of how your leadership overlays with these 15 statements. Ask them for their feedback on how you can improve your leadership behaviors.

You will be amazed at what you will learn from doing this exercise. Also, use these characteristics to have fun and learn along the way:

Leadership Characteristics

1Weak sense of purposeStrong sense of purpose.
2Gives up easilyVery persistent
3No self-awarenessSelf-acknowledge
4Doesn’t acquire new skills, informationAlways seeking new learning.
5Bored, apathetic, in relation to workSense of pleasure, joy inrelation to work.
6Unable to attract othersMagnetic, draws others to them.
7Treat others with minimal respect, caringMature in human relationships.
8Fearful of the new, the unprovenTakes risks; Likes to experiment
9Depressed, discouraged by mistakesSee’s mistakes as opportunities
10Self- ambitious; focused on own wantsSeeks to serve needs of others.
11Ambiguous expectationSets clear expectation
12No consistency in holding individuals accountableAccountability is the glue that holds the culture together.
13Kicks the can down the road and fearful about the futureKnows the buck stops with them; Fearless and aggressively faces all negativity head on
14Being at work is a job; a grindThinks work is a self-expression of making the world more beautiful.
15Always want to be right and therefore others are wrongLooks through the lens of finding solutions to support the many.

Conclusion: Today’s successful leaders go to work every day focused on raising their energy levels and their people’s energy levels. The doorway that you must walk through to consistently achieve this positive state is “IMAGINATION”.

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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