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Treasured collections of great quotations to inspire and celebrate your team
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Business inspiration at its finest
Fresh from the award-winning Mark David leadership and team-building programs.
Here are four new gift books bursting with treasured quotations on four vital leadership and management themes.
Inspire book
“Soaring, uplifting and heartwarming!”
The INSPIRE book celebrates the of high achievement of the human spirit. The thoughts in these pages are drawn from men and women whose lives and work have influenced millions.
Sample Quotes:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
I’m all in today. I leave everything on the field of life.
—Mark David
“Unifying, motivating and spirited!””
The COLLABORATE book celebrates the power and synergy of a team and a dream. This beautifully designed book will help you inspire bold thinking, communication, team spirit and collaboration with your colleagues and clients.
Sample Quotes:
Who is the most important person in the company?
Anything one person can imagine other people can make real.
—Jules Verne
Collaborate book
Innovate book
“Brilliant, stimulating and adventurous!”
The INNOVATE book celebrates forward-looking imagination, breakthrough thinking and resourcefulness. Let it inspire your team to emabrace change, share ideas and welcome the future with open arms.
Sample Quotes:
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
—Alan Kay
Succes is often just an idea away.
—Frank Tyger
“Successs, recognition and applause!”
The CELEBRATE book throws the spotlight on the pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction of a job well done. It reminds us that excellence may be difficult to define, but we all know and appreciate it when we see it.
Sample Quotes:
Give all the credit away.
—John Wooden
The praise that means the most comes from those who know us best.
—Dennis Johnson
Celebrate book
7 Ways To Inspire & Celebrate Your Team
Number one
Employee Inspiration
Give your team one book each quarter for year-round inspiration. Write personal notes on the inside flyleaf.
Number two
Customer Retention
Give a signed “Book of Inspiration” to your key clients each quarter.
Number three
New Client Development
Make a great first impression by giving a signed Live & Lead book as a leave-behind. Four themes to choose from.
Number four
Company Retreats or Conferences
Put a book at everyone’s table or in their room — it will change the chemistry of your event.
Number five
Reward & Recognition
Celebrate team or individual achievements by giving signed CELEBRATE book to every member of the team.
Number six
All-Occasion Business Gifts
Celebrate the holidays, the New Year, or special client milestones with a book that will be treasured, saved and appreciated long after other business gifts have been forgotten.
Number seven
Let Us Help
We can tailor or customize your Live & Lead book order with your company logo or a custom insert letter. Contact us for expert guidance, ideas and assistance.

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