June 16, 2022

By Mark David

As we move into the month of June, of the calendar year of 2022, lets confirm that key adjustments to
your behavior is being made to you’re thinking, acting and becoming.

  1. Duality – We all are living in this present moment of now. In this state make sure you’re
    focusing on what needs to be done today for your success in 2022. But also start planning and
    spending part of everyday making 2023 a successful year. One way to think about this is how
    you spend your time. In Q3 allocate 75% of your daily time for 2022 and 25% spent on successful
    results for 2023. In Q4 spend 50% of your time on 2022 and 50% of your time on 2023.
    Remember we take care of our tomorrows by creating and planning for them today.
  2. Learn from the Past – In the present moment of NOW, were you awake, aware, conscious, and
    listening to your IVOR (Internal Voice of Reason) as your guide/coach. Are you making the
    adjustments to extract the learning from the past? Missing this truthful data and not learning
    from it to propel your success would be a loss. Anything else from the past, let it GO! You don’t
    need it and it won’t help you living in the past, you’re not there anymore. If you’re not present,
    you can’t succeed. I have a perfect acronym for the adjustment. L.U.G. ~ Learn it, Use it and
    Gain from it.
  3. Create a Future Today – The happiest people are happy because of how they are thinking and
    acting. They take their thoughts, put them on paper and hold themselves accountable to
    executing the plan. It goes back to my V.S.E System. What is your Vision – Desired future state –
    In other words, What do you want? Strategy – What’s the written plan to achieve the vision.
    Execution is the actions you need to achieve the plan to achieve your vision.

Here’s a suggested habit to increase productivity – Every morning, write out the date and write
this one question down – What Do I want? It’s a simple question that when answered it will set you up to be intentionally aligned with your thoughts and actions. As you think this through, write out your VSE for that morning. Do the same at lunch time. Call it your PM VSE and then wrap up the day with evening VSE. So, it would look like this:

AM VSE 7-12pm

PM VSE 12-5pm

Evening VSE 5pm >>

By recalibrating and refocusing three times a day, based on your goals and workload you will be in a
proactive state of creating your future. By the way, most people will never do this. Their reptilian and
academic brains will come up with endless excuses of why they can’t. The individuals that do this and make it a habit say it’s an incredible way to increase their productivity. IT reduces stress along with
anxiety dramatically.

These were just a few mid-year behavioral adjustments you can make to increase your
contentment and success. If you want to learn more effective ways to manage your time and
plan for your future desired state, as always give me a call #650-591-1095. I look forward to
hearing from you.

We change the world not by what we say + do. But as a consequence of what we have become ~ David Hawkins

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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