Relationships Count!

Aug 11, 2022

By Mark David

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you a paragraph from a book I have been reading and studying. As many of you know, the sport I play and love is racquetball. The book’s title is ‘Winning Racquetball: Skills, Drills & Strategies”. It has helped me advance my skills on the court and the advice shared has been transferable to off the court as well.  

One of the authors, Woody Clouse, wrote this paragraph on spousal support:

My wife is my best friend. If she weren’t, we probably wouldn’t be married. The demands of my travel schedule are immense and having a solid home base to supply balance and support is the most important part of my life. Jacqueline, my wife, is the foundation that allows me to continue to pursue my goals. Her strength and patience are endless. The sacrifices she makes are high and the income I make is low; it takes a special person to stand behind and to support a professional racquetball player. Jacqueline has made this commitment with a sense of class and dignity that is unimaginable. For this I owe her 100% commitment to do my best on the tour. Without her, my losses would feel much worse, and my victories would not be as sweet.

His words exploded in my head. They brought an immediate smile to my face. My wish is all of you to have this type of special relationship with your partners. As I reflect on my success and so many of my clients, we all seem to have that very special relationship of support in our lives. 

I believe that this year will be an even greater year for those who can truly appreciate the relationships we have. By consciously receiving their energy it will allow you to be better at executing on your part of the agreement you have with them. 

Part of the hidden foundation of success is knowing that receiving the abundance from all things allows you to give so much more back to the world we all live in. 

Therefore, relax, be calm, patient and knowing in the now. Let your world unfold and accept that you are creating the reality you want.

Continue to make this year a great! As the song says, “You have the whole world in your hands.” 

Appreciate the Day,

Mark David

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